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Office Supply Retailers to Promote Move-Related Offerings

"While back-to-school season is already top-of-mind in some areas of the U.S., summertime also represents the height of moving season (May — September), and both factors influence sales of office supplies."

Sellers Can Tout Neighborhood Vibe, Low Crime Rates to Appeal to Movers

Trulia, a home and neighborhood site for homebuyers and renters, released the results from a research survey to find out how many Americans experience "neighborhood regret," and discover new strategies to prevent buyer and renter remorse in the future. The survey, conducted online by Wakefield Research of 1,000 Americans found that 36% of those who recently relocated would have moved to a different neighborhood than their current one; additionally 77% agree there is no single reliable source for complete neighborhood information.

Hitwise Shows How to Reach Neighborhood Newcomers

According to one estimate, movers spend approximately $9,000 per move, Hitwise tells us. Movers are not only a high-spending segment, they are also in a transitional stage which makes them more open to finding useful services and developing new brand loyalties.

As Millennials Age, They Are Choosing the Suburbs Over Urban Neighborhoods

Almost half of millennial homeowners live in the suburbs, and the majority stay in the same city when they buy a home, revealing their home-buying preferences now that they are the largest generational group in the housing market.

Lower Fees, Convenient Bank Access Key for Hispanic Movers

Hispanics comprise a growing part of the U.S. population, over 17%. These consumers are on the move as they seek to improve their financial and personal prospects. A new survey by TD Bank finds that Hispanics are slow to form a relationship with a financial institution when they enter a new market. Banks can connect with new residents by promoting the services that Hispanic consumers are seeking.

Movers Seeking Better Housing, Lower Rents

Now that the economy is improving, more consumers are moving to new residences. The U. S. Census Bureau's Current Population Survey shows that 11.7% of all residents moved last year. Each move results in opportunity for marketers to sell good and services.