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Most Americans Trust Local News More Than National

News reported by local TV stations and newspapers is trusted by about 75% of Americans. Specifically, 76% trust local TV and 73% have confidence in local newspapers.

MAGNA: U.S. Ad Market to Reach New High in 2018

The good news is that media sellers can expect revenue of $197 billion in 2018. Without the cyclical spending of politics and the Olympics, the ad market growth will be more like 3.7%.

National Advertisers to Pour Money into Local Digital Campaigns

Local media companies may find new revenue this year from national advertisers. This is especially true if they offer a mobile solution. While local advertisers spend at the rate of over 2 to 1 in the local ad market, when compared to national advertisers, the national money remains important to media companies.

National Brands to Focus on Local Campaigns

Marketers who aim for a national audience may believe that they can effectively reach their target by using media formats like broadcast TV. But a significant number of these advertisers also allocate a portion of their media mix to local marketing initiatives. Doing so has both challenges and rewards.