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eMarketer – 58.3% of Digital Display Ads This Year Will be Native

With an expect­ed sales vol­ume of about $32.9 bil­lion this year, native adver­tis­ing is clear­ly deliv­er­ing results for mar­keters.

Digital Native Advertising Projected to Grow

Online pub­lish­ers are increas­ing the amount of native adver­tis­ing they’re sell­ing to their mar­keters. A new report from the Online Pub­lish­ers Asso­ci­a­tion (OPA) shows that about 73% of pub­lish­ers cur­rent­ly use native adver­tis­ing.. Nat­u­ral­ly, pub­lish­ers want to be cer­tain that they are not alien­at­ing read­ers and mar­keters want to know how to mea­sure the results of these ads. The OPA report address­es some of those con­cerns.

Marketers to Reconsider Native Ad Use

Is it an ad or is it part of the con­tent? More con­sumers are ask­ing this ques­tion when they encounter pro­mo­tion­al mate­r­i­al mas­querad­ing as part of the arti­cle they’re read­ing or the video they're watch­ing. Research shows there is a right way to go about embed­ding ads in con­tent and mar­keters who ignore this do so at their own per­il.

Social Video Ready to Make Big Gains

My post ear­li­er today focused on native ads. Some research shops are warn­ing mar­keters to be cau­tious with the native ad approach. But social media plat­form oper­a­tors can point to suc­cess with native ads – or brand­ed con­tent – espe­cial­ly when using social video.