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eMarketer – 58.3% of Digital Display Ads This Year Will be Native

With an expected sales volume of about $32.9 billion this year, native advertising is clearly delivering results for marketers.

Digital Native Advertising Projected to Grow

Online publishers are increasing the amount of native advertising they’re selling to their marketers. A new report from the Online Publishers Association (OPA) shows that about 73% of publishers currently use native advertising.. Naturally, publishers want to be certain that they are not alienating readers and marketers want to know how to measure the results of these ads. The OPA report addresses some of those concerns.

Marketers to Reconsider Native Ad Use

Is it an ad or is it part of the content? More consumers are asking this question when they encounter promotional material masquerading as part of the article they’re reading or the video they're watching. Research shows there is a right way to go about embedding ads in content and marketers who ignore this do so at their own peril.

Social Video Ready to Make Big Gains

My post earlier today focused on native ads. Some research shops are warning marketers to be cautious with the native ad approach. But social media platform operators can point to success with native ads – or branded content – especially when using social video.