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Think Newspaper Ads are Useless? Think Again!

Print is dead. Well, not quite, but it is definitely in decline. According to a study by Pew Research Center, the circulation of U.S. daily newspapers has fallen to less than 30 million since newspaper’s peak in the 90s and early 80s. But that’s print circulation.

Here's How Americans Are Getting Their News

How do you prefer to take in the country or world’s latest news? You can watch it, read it, listen to it. And, you can watch, read, or listen to both through traditional media and digitally. Even with all the different ways Americans can catch up on the news, Pew Research Center says that there is one clear victor.

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Most Americans Trust Local News More Than National

News reported by local TV stations and newspapers is trusted by about 75% of Americans. Specifically, 76% trust local TV and 73% have confidence in local newspapers.

How Small Media Companies Can Beat Tech Giants

At this point, many small publishers feel like they're David up against Goliath as they watch their ad business being gobbled up by Facebook and Google. But media sales reps and publishers have ways to fight back.

Maine Manager Helps Shop 'Pop' with Print Ad

With direct competition in a nearby town, this gun store’s manager and marketing team needed to let the Falmouth community know about its brand-new range and training center. The Forecaster’s Cyndy Bell had all the ammunition she needed from AdMall to reach out to her account. The Advertising Accounts Manager knew from her research that the business had just changed its website and needed to increase the SEO of that new site.

Newspapers Carrying Ads for Marijuana Marketers Might Violate Law

"While the spreading legalization of marijuana for medical and recreational uses stands to produce many subsidiary economic benefits, in areas ranging from food delivery to the flagging black light industry, newspapers may not be able to cash in on this emerging opportunity, at least through advertising."

SMBs Relying on Digital and Newspapers to Reach Local Audiences

Small business owners are feeling optimistic about the future. Borrell Associates regularly surveys a pool of small business operators to gauge their feelings about key trends in advertising and marketing. In the firm's latest report, SMB owners say that both 2014 and 2015 should be good revenue years and to generate these sales increases they’ll be making some changes in their advertising mix.

Newspaper Publishers Anticipate More Ad Revenue in 2013

The newspaper industry as a whole has presented some sobering statistics lately. With readership and traditional revenue both falling, publishers have been laying off staff and looking for new ways to bring in business. Publishers couldn’t be blamed if they had a dour outlook for next year but a new industry survey shows newspaper owners are expecting improvement.

Newspaper Publishers Struggling to Fill Traditional Ad Losses with Digital

On the surface, the news about newspaper advertising looks grim. Print revenue continues to fall when compared to previous year data and the gain from digital is slow to materialize. But, when the details are considered, there are a few bright spots to consider.

Newspapers Expand Reach with Multiple Platforms

Newspapers are delivering their content to consumers on a variety of platforms. Their presence on multiple media formats means they have a better chance of attracting the attention of consumers who are multitasking. And new research indicates these efforts appear to be paying off.

Newspapers to Build Brands Through Ads and Social Media

Newspaper publishers plan to promote their value of their media platform to consumers. The industry is looking to connect with readers through a multi-level ad campaign. Using the tagline “Smart is the new sexy”, industry operators hope to solidify their brand identity and show marketers they can deliver a dependable audience.

Weekly Newspaper Publishers See Flat Revenue for 2012

Despite the largely negative outlooks most analysts have for traditional media formats like newspapers and magazines, at least one group in the industry has a slightly more optimistic projection for 2012. The owners of small daily and weekly publications believe ad revenues will be flat in 2012. The newspaper owners participating in the Fall 2011 Cribbe, Greene Publishers Confidence Survey also expressed a positive outlook for their industry in general.

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