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Sports Instruction Programs Help Kids Follow Path to Active Adulthood

Of Americans who received physical education (PE) in school, a vast majority are active as adults and more than one-third are active to at least a "healthy level," according to the Physical Activity Council's (PAC) recently released 2018 Participation Report.

New Study Finds Abundance of Food Stores Puts Low-Income Women In Small Cities at Higher Risk of Obesity

A recent Kansas State University study found that the availability of supermarkets — rather than the lack of them — increased the risk of obesity for low-income women living in small cities. The number and types of stores available differed in the metropolitan, micropolitan and rural areas. Rural low-income women had 74% fewer supermarkets and 55% fewer small grocery stores available within a 1‑mile radius as compared to women in metropolitan areas. Yet the number of convenience stores per 10,000 residents was highest in rural areas. This suggests that policies to increase healthful eating behaviors might need to be tailored based on geographic location.