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3 Easy Steps to Increasing Online Video Click-Through

Your client has just finished the perfect online video to showcase their company. One problem, the video isn’t getting as many views as the client had hoped. What's happening and how do you fix it?

The Progress of Online Shopping and Search

Companies that utilize SEO and SEM have the opportunity to reach roughly 72% of shoppers.

Marketers Continuing to Invest More in Online Advertising

Online ad spending is returning to pre-recession growth levels, with steady increases projected through 2015 as marketers continue to invest more in digital channels. eMarketer expects U.S. online advertising spending to reach $31.3 billion this year, a dramatic 20.2% increase over 2010 spending. By 2015, nearly $50 billion will be spent on online ads in the U.S.

2011 Online Ad Market Due to Increase

The ad market has been slowly recovering this year. Many analysts expect to see stronger growth in 2011. This includes Borrell Associates which has just come out with its 2011 forecast. The research concern is predicting a total U.S. ad market of $238.6 billion in 2011 which represents an increase of about 5% over this year.

Women Age 18–24 More Receptive to Online Ads

According to the newly released "What Women Want From the Web Report," Summer 2010, by Unicast, 95% of women plan to go online, and 62% notice and/or interact with online advertising. Women aged 18–24 use the web more than other age groups for all activities except keeping up with news, 53% vs. 67% overall. The report found women who visit blogs notice online advertising far more than overall respondents. While this group is just 13% of women who read blogs regularly, it shows females are potentially more open to ads from relevant sources of information that they trust. Women age 18–24 are also more receptive to online advertising in various formats than the overall population, particularly more interested in localized information, surveys, social media formats and downloadable content.

Americans are Responding to Online Advertising in Greater Numbers

Consumers are more likely to read and act upon online advertising than they were in 2009, according to the second year of an Opinion Research Corporation consumer preference survey sponsored by Adfusion. Every type of online advertising scored better with consumers in 2010 than a year ago. For the second year, consumers say articles that include brand information is the type of online advertising they're most likely to read and act upon, compared to banner ads, pop-up ads, email offers or sponsored links. Younger and high-income people showed a considerable propensity to conduct a search after reading online articles.