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51 Million Consumers Grocery Shop Online Every Month

"The leading grocery retailers have been playing a game of one-upmanship when it comes to raising the bar on online ordering convenience. From offering grocery delivery to-your-door to same-day delivery through a variety of service modes, like drive-up pick-up, grocers are making shopping easier and an increasing number of consumers are responding."


Grocery Store Technology of the Future: Delivery Services

"Consumer Reports' 2018 Supermarkets Survey revealed 3,043 of its members who responded to its survey used online grocery delivery services. Those consumers represent 7% of the 75,065 members surveyed by Consumer Reports Survey Research Department for its grocery stores ratings."


10% of Shoppers Now Buy Some Groceries Online

"Adoption of online grocery shopping is moving at a slower pace than other consumer categories, but it’s growing with about 10% of U.S. consumers now regularly buying groceries, reports The NPD Group, a leading global information company. Although there are more consumers buying their groceries online, they haven’t jumped all in. Nearly all online grocery shoppers (99%) still shop in brick-and-mortar grocery stores."

More Consumers Exploring Online Grocery Shopping

As the popularity of online shopping grows, consumers are beginning to explore new digital shopping categories, including groceries. A new survey from CouponCabin​.com finds that 15% of U.S. adults have shopped for groceries online. An additional 19% said they don't currently, but plan to in the future. Nearly four-in-ten (39%) of U.S. adults wish their local grocery store offered a delivery service.

CPG Marketers to Promote Convenience of Online Grocery Shopping

In the past decade, fortunes have been lost as entrepreneurs tried to convince large numbers of consumers to pay for online grocery shopping and home delivery. For most grocers, the online part of revenue is limited to a small number of consumers. Everyone else remains convinced that they are paying too much for the service or that they’re not getting exactly what they want and so they continue to drive to the store. But consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are set to exploit the online market in new ways.