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To Reach the Affluents, Marketers Move Online

Marketing to affluent consumers used to mean targeting them with ads in upscale print publications. But this audience has largely moved online. And when their numbers are measured, as Ipsos Mendelsohn has recently done, affluents comprise a sizeable and attractive target, so marketers are likely to change their strategy.

Travel Providers to Up Online Marketing to Reach Leisure Groups

The economy may be straining household budgets, but there is still a group of consumers determined to travel. While these travelers are becoming ‘resourceful’ in planning their trips, marketers can connect with them and tap their loyalty through several media channels. For the most part, the definition of value is not linked to price, a trend that is good news for travel operators.

More Marketers Improving Web Sites to Boost Sales

Online retailing may have fared better than other sales channels during the recession but some categories, especially luxury, saw sales struggle. One strategy taken to improve conversion rates has been Web site improvement. A recently published article in Internet Retailer highlights specific changes that marketers might consider in order to boost sales.

Interactive to Play Bigger Role in 2010 Local Media Markets

The local media market has long been owned by local TV stations, newspapers and Yellow Pages. While the recession definitely slowed this market, the recovery, paired with marketer interest in new forms of media, means the industry is looking at big changes in 2010. BIA/Kelsey analysts value this market at $140 billion.

Arts Organizations to Try New Marketing Tactics

Arts organizations are finding themselves in a particularly difficult situation as the country emerges from recession. A Wallace Foundation report indicates that up to 10% of these organizations, which have traditionally relied on grants and other giving to survive, face closure. While many believe that older consumers are the core demographic necessary for the survival of arts groups, recent research indicates that nearly ¾’s of 18–29 year old consumers believe that local arts and culture groups are important to their quality of life.

Pre-launch Online Ad Campaigns Generate Impressive Reach

It’s logical to suppose that an ad campaign for a mobile smart phone would launch, in large part, online. Palm, in generating pre-launch buzz for its latest offering, the Palm Pre, and partner Sprint, with its Now Network, effectively used this strategy earlier this summer to increase interest. According to comScore, YouTube ads were seen by at least 13 million consumers in one day. Did this viewership translate into higher sales?

Small Business and Online Marketing

If you haven't yet ventured into online marketing or social networking, check out what Gary Vaynerchuk has to say on the topic. Highlighted in a New York Times article, Vaynerchuk equates tools like Twitter and Facebook with free online marketing. He didn't start out as a marketing guru ten years ago but he's learned plenty about online promotion while he helped grow his family business to $60 million in annual sales.

Google: 5 Trends that Shape Digital Marketing Today

Whenever and wherever our Google overlords speak, I get my butt in that room and listen. They seem to know way more about me than I’m comfortable with, so I’m going to learn all I can about them.