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Making Sense Out of Sales, and Sales Out of Sense

Your sixth sense. Got one? Your intuition, or gut feelings about something. Your sense of selling. Is there such a thing?

SMB Optimism Growing for 2018

There’s good news for business owners and media sellers in the latest quarterly survey from Wells Fargo Works. Business optimism among the 603 SMB owners who took the survey is at an 11-year high. Here are the details.

SMBs Express Record Optimism, More Interest in Digital Advertising

At the end of 2017, the small business optimism index stood at 104.8. The only other time the index has been nearly this high was in 2004, when it reached 104.6.

Rising Small Business Optimism to Lead to Increased Marketing

One of the best indicators of economic expansion is the mood of small and medium-size business (SMBs) owners. After a long period of slow growth, more SMBs are giving a thumbs-up to this year’s business conditions. As these enterprises roll out new products and increase hiring, they’ll also be spending more on marketing.

Marketer Optimism Continues to Improve

Business pundits generally cautioned merchants not to cut back their marketing expenditures during the recession. But many did. Now that the Great Recession is fading, more marketers are feeling optimistic about the economy and this optimism should result in higher advertising spending. The latest survey results released by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) shows that many marketers will either increase or maintain their current promotional budgets this year.

Lead With A "Can Do" Attitude

It's a challenge to find good news lately, particularly if your industry, or especially your company, is struggling. Despite the recent woes facing many salespeople today (a time when buyers just aren't buying), one communications coach is offering some advice: Be upbeat!