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Dentists to Promote Connection Between Oral Health and Improved Cardio Health

"Taking good care of your teeth — including twice-daily brushing and at least yearly professional cleanings — seems to be linked to better heart health, according to a study in the April 7 European Heart Journal."

More than Half of Parents Care More about Their Child’s Dental Health than Their Nutrition

Parenting can sometimes feel like an uphill marathon, particularly when it comes to enforcing proper oral care habits with your child. According to a recent national survey from Delta Dental, parents are more likely to say getting their child to floss regularly (45%) or brush their teeth (37%) is challenging than they are about getting their child to make the bed (30%) or to complete homework on time (25%).

Sales of Oral Care Products Expected to Reach $6B by 2017

Sales of over-the-counter oral care products reached $4.9 million in 2012, up 2.2% from 2011 sales, according to a new study by Packaged Facts. Health concerns are the number one driver of sales, but other factors come into play as well; consumers are also looking to whiten their teeth and freshen their breath. By 2017, Packaged Facts projects that retail sales of oral care products will approach $6 billion.