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2 Quick SEO Maintenance Tips

The internet is a constantly changing space, and SEO needs a certain amount of upkeep to maintain its relevancy. Are your clients maintaining their SEO?

E-Retailers Using More Organic Search and Referrals to Acquire High-Value Customers

Online retailers are spending a lot of money to acquire customers through various digital channels. As new formats become available, they may become more efficient at turning consumers into customers. Custora has recently looked at how e-retailers obtain customers as well as the relative value of customers acquired through each channel.

Marketers to Support Organic Search with Paid Search Campaigns

Why spend good money on a paid search campaign if you can get the same exposure to clients through organic search? After all, search campaigns aren’t cheap. Google has studied this topic and finds that marketers who use paid search are generating significantly higher traffic on their sites than they would get with organic search alone. Now that consumers are using their smartphones to search for products and services, Google has updated its research and contends that paid search also helps send traffic via mobile devices.

B2B SMBs To Rely on Organic Search, Email

In the B2B sector, corporate websites can serve as a big draw for new leads. Businesses of all sizes that want to learn more about how to drive traffic to their website should check out the new B2B benchmarking report from Optify. Search, email, and social media all play a role in this process and are the formats that B2B marketers should be emphasizing this year.