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How to Help Clients Measure Mobile App Success

Mobile apps can be effective marketing tools. But, businesses need to understand how to optimize their use of apps. The latest research from AppsFlyer can help.

Organic Food Sales and Marketing on the Rise

Consumers are concerned about what they eat and what they feed their children, but household budgets don’t always allow for paying a premium – whether it’s on branded or organic foods. After several difficult years during the recession, more consumers are paying extra to buy organic. In total, the industry is now valued at more than $28.6 billion.

"Better for You" Foods to Grow Significantly in the Next Decade" rel="bookmark"> "Better for You" Foods to Grow Significantly in the Next Decade

In its new report, A Look into the Future of Eating, The NPD Group, a leading market research company, forecasts that "better for you" foods, such as consumer-spend-insightsorganic and light or low-calorie foods and beverages, will be among the fastest growing food trends over the next decade.