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Here’s What Your Clients Need to Know about Google Search

Are your retail clients get­ting enough out of the ad mon­ey they spend with Google? If you’re sell­ing dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing ser­vices, you should be ask­ing that ques­tion.

CMO Survey: Marketers Spend on Paid Search, Mobile to Achieve ROI

To track the val­ue of their mar­ket­ing efforts, your clients can prob­a­bly tell you their ROI. But do they know what the indus­try aver­age is?

Are Your Clients Spending Enough on Search Advertising?

The lat­est Sur­vey of Adver­tis­ing and Mar­ket­ing from BIA Advi­so­ry Ser­vices reveals that 37% of retail small and medi­um-sized busi­ness­es earn half of their rev­enue from their online efforts.

One-Third of Businesses Are Outsourcing Digital Marketing Needs

We know busi­ness­es are spend­ing more on dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing. But, did you have any idea that 41% of busi­ness­es are spend­ing at least $500,000 a year on dig­i­tal?

One-Third of Businesses Are Outsourcing Digital Marketing Needs

We know busi­ness­es are spend­ing more on dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing. But, did you have any idea that 41% of busi­ness­es are spend­ing at least $500,000 a year on dig­i­tal?

Retailers Poised to Increase Investment in Google’s PLAs for Upcoming Holiday Season

Search king Google is known for con­stant­ly tweak­ing its prod­uct line for mar­keters. In the past year, Google has been tran­si­tion­ing to the prod­uct list­ing ad (PLA) mod­el for paid search. The for­mat allows mar­keters to present rich infor­ma­tion to online searchers includ­ing price, image and mer­chant name, instead of just text, and the soft­ware behind the sys­tem doesn’t require the mar­keter to add more key­words or text. A new Marin study finds that con­sumers are click­ing on the PLAs at a high rate and this trend may encour­age mar­keters to invest more in this form of paid search adver­tis­ing.

Short-Term TV Advertising Outlook Improving

Mar­keters are spend­ing more on nation­al and cable TV than fore­cast­ers orig­i­nal­ly pre­dict­ed for this year though the longer range out­look for the medi­um is a lit­tle weak­er than ana­lysts expect­ed at the start of 2013. In addi­tion, mar­keters appear to be shift­ing some of their dig­i­tal spend­ing from paid search into Facebook’s Pro­mot­ed Posts. These trends will have a sig­nif­i­cant impact on key media com­pa­nies accord­ing to a new Piv­otal Research release on adver­tis­ing, authored by Bri­an Wieser.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tops List for Paid Search Marketers

Paid search con­tin­ues to deliv­er for mar­keters. Hanapin Marketing’s new State of Paid Search report shows that a major­i­ty of busi­ness­es are increas­ing their bud­gets for this for­mat and will do so next year. In 2014, busi­ness­es will be look­ing for ways to improve con­ver­sion rates in their pay per click (PPC) cam­paigns.

Marketers to Support Organic Search with Paid Search Campaigns

Why spend good mon­ey on a paid search cam­paign if you can get the same expo­sure to clients through organ­ic search? After all, search cam­paigns aren’t cheap. Google has stud­ied this top­ic and finds that mar­keters who use paid search are gen­er­at­ing sig­nif­i­cant­ly high­er traf­fic on their sites than they would get with organ­ic search alone. Now that con­sumers are using their smart­phones to search for prod­ucts and ser­vices, Google has updat­ed its research and con­tends that paid search also helps send traf­fic via mobile devices.

Marketers to Reconsider How Much They Spend on Paid Search

Paid Search. It’s a field that cap­tures near­ly half of all online ad spend­ing. Google became a house­hold name as a result of its sophis­ti­cat­ed algo­rithms and ad words. Mar­keters were will­ing to spend $14.8 bil­lion last year on paid search to improve their posi­tions on search engine results pages. But is paid search deliv­er­ing the kind of ROI that mar­keters believe they are get­ting?

Competitive Online Search Market Drives SMBs Back to Traditional Advertising

Whether a busi­ness uses pay-per-click paid search strate­gies or search engine opti­miza­tion, the goal is the same – to dri­ve more traf­fic to a web­site. In the ear­ly days of dig­i­tal mar­ket­ing, SMBs had as good a shot as larg­er com­peti­tors to use search adver­tis­ing effec­tive­ly. But the met­rics are start­ing to change and SMBs are look­ing for bet­ter ad strate­gies, some­times return­ing to tra­di­tion­al for­mats.

Paid Search Tablet Cost-per-Click To Surpass Desktop

One of the hottest top­ics in the paid search sec­tor this year has been the impact of mobile. Over­all, paid search remains the dom­i­nant cat­e­go­ry in dig­i­tal adver­tis­ing but for the first time, the cost-per-clicks (CPCs) in the tablet for­mat are cost­ing mar­keters more than those in the desk­top com­put­er for­mat. Fur­ther, ana­lysts believe paid search will increase between 18%-20% glob­al­ly this year and that CPCs will con­tin­ue to rise, espe­cial­ly as we enter the hol­i­day sea­son.

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