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Here’s What Your Clients Need to Know about Google Search

Are your retail clients getting enough out of the ad money they spend with Google? If you’re selling digital marketing services, you should be asking that question.


CMO Survey: Marketers Spend on Paid Search, Mobile to Achieve ROI

To track the value of their marketing efforts, your clients can probably tell you their ROI. But do they know what the industry average is?


Are Your Clients Spending Enough on Search Advertising?

The latest Survey of Advertising and Marketing from BIA Advisory Services reveals that 37% of retail small and medium-sized businesses earn half of their revenue from their online efforts.


One-Third of Businesses Are Outsourcing Digital Marketing Needs

We know businesses are spending more on digital marketing. But, did you have any idea that 41% of businesses are spending at least $500,000 a year on digital?


One-Third of Businesses Are Outsourcing Digital Marketing Needs

We know businesses are spending more on digital marketing. But, did you have any idea that 41% of businesses are spending at least $500,000 a year on digital?

Retailers Poised to Increase Investment in Google’s PLAs for Upcoming Holiday Season

Search king Google is known for constantly tweaking its product line for marketers. In the past year, Google has been transitioning to the product listing ad (PLA) model for paid search. The format allows marketers to present rich information to online searchers including price, image and merchant name, instead of just text, and the software behind the system doesn’t require the marketer to add more keywords or text. A new Marin study finds that consumers are clicking on the PLAs at a high rate and this trend may encourage marketers to invest more in this form of paid search advertising.

Short-Term TV Advertising Outlook Improving

Marketers are spending more on national and cable TV than forecasters originally predicted for this year though the longer range outlook for the medium is a little weaker than analysts expected at the start of 2013. In addition, marketers appear to be shifting some of their digital spending from paid search into Facebook’s Promoted Posts. These trends will have a significant impact on key media companies according to a new Pivotal Research release on advertising, authored by Brian Wieser.

Conversion Rate Optimization Tops List for Paid Search Marketers

Paid search continues to deliver for marketers. Hanapin Marketing’s new State of Paid Search report shows that a majority of businesses are increasing their budgets for this format and will do so next year. In 2014, businesses will be looking for ways to improve conversion rates in their pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

Marketers to Support Organic Search with Paid Search Campaigns

Why spend good money on a paid search campaign if you can get the same exposure to clients through organic search? After all, search campaigns aren’t cheap. Google has studied this topic and finds that marketers who use paid search are generating significantly higher traffic on their sites than they would get with organic search alone. Now that consumers are using their smartphones to search for products and services, Google has updated its research and contends that paid search also helps send traffic via mobile devices.

Marketers to Reconsider How Much They Spend on Paid Search

Paid Search. It’s a field that captures nearly half of all online ad spending. Google became a household name as a result of its sophisticated algorithms and ad words. Marketers were willing to spend $14.8 billion last year on paid search to improve their positions on search engine results pages. But is paid search delivering the kind of ROI that marketers believe they are getting?

Competitive Online Search Market Drives SMBs Back to Traditional Advertising

Whether a business uses pay-per-click paid search strategies or search engine optimization, the goal is the same – to drive more traffic to a website. In the early days of digital marketing, SMBs had as good a shot as larger competitors to use search advertising effectively. But the metrics are starting to change and SMBs are looking for better ad strategies, sometimes returning to traditional formats.

Paid Search Tablet Cost-per-Click To Surpass Desktop

One of the hottest topics in the paid search sector this year has been the impact of mobile. Overall, paid search remains the dominant category in digital advertising but for the first time, the cost-per-clicks (CPCs) in the tablet format are costing marketers more than those in the desktop computer format. Further, analysts believe paid search will increase between 18%-20% globally this year and that CPCs will continue to rise, especially as we enter the holiday season.

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