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Mobile Trend Generating Big Returns for Paid Search

Now that mobile smartphones have reached the 50% penetration rate in the U.S. market, the mobile ad market is about to heat up. A big jump is expected for both smartphone and tablet mobile ads. Marin has just released its projections for this market and the numbers are worth a look.

Merchants to Calculate Added Value of Search on Traditional Store Sales

Marketers who have been using search solely to drive online sales are marking a mistake. So says Greg Sterling who writes for SearchEngineLand. It turns out that retailers can garner huge in-store sales increases by using paid search.

Large Marketers To Tweak Paid Search Strategies

Marketers continue to allocate a significant percentage of their budgets to paid search advertising. The latest projections indicate that spending on this marketing format will reach $19.3 billion in 2011. But marketers also want to ensure that their spending yields a return so this year they are taking steps to increase click through rates (CTR) at a lower cost.

High-Tech Marketers to Fuel Spending on Paid Search

In most years, paid search spending drops in the first quarter after marketers wrap up their all-important fourth quarter. And this has been especially true in the high-tech and consumer electronics categories. But newly released data from Covario, based on spending patterns of its clients, paints a different picture for 2011.

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