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Sophie Chiche on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 142 — Sophie Chiche: Helping Your Team Deal with Stress and Find Happiness

Sophie Chiche is the founder of Life by me, Shape House and her latest adventure, becurrent. She is also the co-author of The Power of Personal Accountability: Achieve What Matters to You. In this episode, we discuss: implementing active choices daily in COVID-19 to make the happiest, best experience you can have moment to moment; how to avoid stress eating in the pandemic; how to embrace feelings and use them to find a way to happiness; and how to help your team deal with anxiety during this challenging time.

JIm McCarthy of TEDx Broadway on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 141 — Jim McCarthy: Upgrading Your Virtual Meetings and Events

Jim McCarthy is CEO of Goldstar Events and Stellar Tickets and co-founded TEDxBroadway. In this episode, we discuss: new ways to produce events that boost engagement in COVID-19; making your online events as engaging as a live event; creating a culture of quality in online events; and producer/moderator priorities to inject more energy into online events.

Justin Winter on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 140 — Justin Winter: Supporting Remote Operations in a Pandemic

Justin Winter is the co-founder and CEO of Boostopia, a SaaS platform that allows you to manage your newly work-from-home customer support team with the world’s first support department operations platform. In this episode, we discuss:

Wayne Mullins on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 139 — Wayne Mullins: Marketing Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Wayne Mullins is the founder and CEO of Ugly Mug Marketing. Over the past 20 years, he has scaled multiple companies and helped hundreds entrepreneurs do the same with their companies. In this episode, we discuss: how sales and marketing have changed during COVID-19; how to shift marketing platforms to the client side to connect companies communicate; coronavirus business strategies; and adjusting marketing messages in the pandemic.

The Media Seller's Guide to Cyber Monday and Cyber Week 2020

The Media Seller's Guide to Cyber Week 2020

This holiday shopping season will be different than any other. Our AudienceSCAN research shows that 32% of U.S. adults are Cyber Monday Shoppers. They won’t just be buying from the likes of Amazon and Walmart, but to win their shopping budget, marketers must be in the right place, at the right time, with the right products, using the right offers and media. Download this free white paper to learn why it's imperative to help your local accounts to "sell everywhere" this holiday season with both traditional and digital marketing efforts with tips on where to focus.

2020 State of Media Sales: COVID-19 Special Report

2020 State of Media Sales: COVID-19 Special Report from AdMall

In this COVID-19 Special Report media sales managers share their thought about the current state of media sales. And it’s not all doom and gloom! Many are optimistic about the economic recovery awaiting the country in coming months. And many media salespeople are adapting to the challenge. Don’t let yourself and your sales team be caught unprepared. Learn when and where to look for recovery and growth with the State of Media Sales 2020 Whitepaper.

Coronavirus Pandemic Local Advertising Webinar from SalesFuel and BIA

On-Demand Webinar: Navigating the Local Ad Marketplace During the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic will have a profound impact on the local advertising landscape this year. Join SalesFuel and BIA for on-demand viewing of this webinar. The CEOs of both firms, along with special guest Jeffrey Hayzlett, share their years of experience and combine their insights to identify valuable local market trends and opportunities for local sales efforts during economic crisis. They will concentrate on the three categories that have recently experienced the largest growth: Home and Trade, Legal, and Financial businesses and share the methods they have developed to help media sellers support local businesses.

Selling Media During the Coronavirus Pandemic - Special Report from AdMall

Special Report: Selling Media During the Pandemic

As a media seller, you might feel like your entire income stream is at risk. As many of your clients are closing their doors or suffering significant business impact because of the coronavirus outbreak, your first instinct may be to pull back. But this is the LAST thing you should do! Yes, it’s bad out there. However, going into hiding is NOT a survival strategy.

Remember that the first objective of sales professionals is to help your clients, and they need your help now more than ever. So it is critical that you stay focused and productive during these trying times.

Download our Selling Media During the Pandemic whitepaper now to learn how!