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Gen Z Heavily Influences Their Parents' Spending

If your clients are only looking to the future when planning Gen Z targeting campaigns, they’re overlooking the buying power these (mostly) teens and pre-teens have right now.

Mobile Device Dealers to Target Parents of Tweens

What are parents’ motivations and concerns when it comes to subscribing to a wireless service? To find out, Nielsen’s fourth-quarter 2016 Mobile Kids Report delved into the subject and shares the insights from respondents of parents of kids’ ages 6–12 who answered on behalf of their children.

Cyberbullying Linked to Depression in Teens

The median percentage of children and adolescents who reported being bullied online was 23% and there appears to be a consistent relationship between cyberbullying and reports of depression in a review of social media studies, according to an article published online by JAMA Pediatrics.

Parents Eager to Enroll Children in Computer Programming Classes

The digital revolution which has so engaged consumers as they interact with entertainment sources and marketers is spreading to a new sphere. Parents are thinking about the future for their children and they see the importance of the right kind of education. For many, this means learning computer programming. Schools and private organizations are expanding their programs to include this training.