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Will Personalization Be The B2B Holy Grail in 2020?

The start of a new decade should prompt your B2B clients to think about their marketing strategies. Are they stuck in the past, hoping the tried-and-true digital formats will work sales magic for them?


Overlooking Personalized Ads? You're Wasting Opportunity

Data-driven personalization has helped 96% of marketers achieve their goals, according to Ascend2’s Data-Driven Personalization report. These marketer’s goals are, hopefully, the same as your clients’.


What Makes You Stick Out When Your Product Doesn't?

As different as you’d like to think your product or service is from your competition, there are rarely cases that product alone makes you the obvious choice to prospects. So, what is it your prospects are looking for? What will make you stand out? Here are a few pieces of advice from SellingPower’s Matt Singer.


3 Easy Ways to Inspire Client Loyalty

What’s the easiest method to earning continuous money? Customer loyalty. Everyone has a lot of advice to give on the subject. But how often have you tested out those methods to no avail? Here are a few methods backed by research.


Tips to Help Your Clients Personalize Their Websites and Mobile Apps

Does it make a difference if an email message addresses a person by name and mentions a past purchase or a special day? At least 88% of surveyed businesses believe that their clients expect personalization.

Specialization is How Small Agencies Can Win Business from Big Ones

It’s difficult being a small ad agency going up against the big kids on the block. However, that may be because a lot of smaller agencies overlook this key competitive advantage.

How to Boost Your Sales Prospecting Success

Nine hundred and seventy-seven buyers and sellers across 25 industries agree, this is what you need to become more successful at sales prospecting.

Here's Your New Secret Customer Service Weapon and How to Use It

Nearly everything is customizable now-a-days, so why are we acting as if customer service doesn’t have to be any different?

Marketers to Work Harder to Personalize Digital Ads

The battle between consumers and the organizations that want to track their private activities and communications continues to rage. In response to complaints about how marketers are storing and using data related to consumer activity, online promoters have come up with a proposed Do Not Track policy. Some online consumers fail to understand the true outcome of this policy. Instead of seeing targeted promotions, an online user who has elected not to be tracked will see generic promotions. Ironically, Janrain research has found that consumers are tired of seeing ad online content that doesn’t interest them.