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Advertisers Seek Personalized Service from their Media Agencies

Advertisers are clamoring for a better media strategy. Who can blame them? They're busy tracking how digital and traditional formats are performing

Overlooking Personalized Ads? You're Wasting Opportunity

Data-driven personalization has helped 96% of marketers achieve their goals, according to Ascend2’s Data-Driven Personalization report. These marketer’s goals are, hopefully, the same as your clients’.

Here's How to Increase Your Client's Email Click-Through Rates

Is your client considering cutting the ad dollars their spending on email or dropping the medium altogether? Stop them. Stop them right now.

B2B Marketers Personalize Content to Match Buying Stages

B2B professionals are under increasing pressure to optimize profits with fewer resources. When they venture in the marketplace to acquire new products and services, sellers must be ready for them. These prospects have limited time to spend on the research and decision-making process. The results of Pardot’s State of Demand Generation report suggest that one way to make a quick connection with a prospect is to offer up content designed for the exact stage in their buying process.

Marketers to Deliver Consistent Messages in Multiple Channels

We’re not yet in the era where marketers can roll out personalized promotions for all shoppers. Until we get there, marketers will be well-served to deliver consistent messages in all channels. Businesses should also know that consumers are frustrated by the way personal information is being used and they have an opportunity to improve their relationship with these shoppers.

Brands Moving to Customize Online Ads

Nobody can deny that brands have embraced online advertising in a big way. For many marketers, this effort has to do with reaching brand ambassadors. And to multiply the reach of their investments, brands are hoping to connect to women because they still control the majority of daily spending for U.S. families.