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Retailers to Promote Pet Products by Humanizing Pets

“Pet is now more than a category, reports Drug Store News. It’s a topic that connects to consumers so viscerally that its power has gone well beyond the pet aisle. It holds the key to customer engagement across the store.”

Pet Retailers to Promote Dog-Associated Happiness

“The well-respected survey that’s been a barometer of American politics, culture and behavior for more than four decades finally got around to the question that has bedeviled many a household: dog or cat?”

“Pet Parents” Represent Opportunity for Pet Brand Marketers

More U.S. households have pets than have children. And in most of those homes, “pet parents” regard their animals as an integral part of the family—their health and happiness high on owners’ priority lists. For pet brands, pet owners’ need for information and their impulse to show off their pets present myriad opportunities for engagement.