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Retailers to Promote Pet Products by Humanizing Pets

"Pet is now more than a cat­e­go­ry, reports Drug Store News. It’s a top­ic that con­nects to con­sumers so vis­cer­al­ly that its pow­er has gone well beyond the pet aisle. It holds the key to cus­tomer engage­ment across the store."

Pet Retailers to Promote Dog-Associated Happiness

"The well-respect­ed sur­vey that’s been a barom­e­ter of Amer­i­can pol­i­tics, cul­ture and behav­ior for more than four decades final­ly got around to the ques­tion that has bedev­iled many a house­hold: dog or cat?"

"Pet Parents" Represent Opportunity for Pet Brand Marketers" rel="bookmark"> "Pet Parents" Represent Opportunity for Pet Brand Marketers

More U.S. house­holds have pets than have chil­dren. And in most of those homes, “pet par­ents” regard their ani­mals as an inte­gral part of the family—their health and hap­pi­ness high on own­ers’ pri­or­i­ty lists. For pet brands, pet own­ers’ need for infor­ma­tion and their impulse to show off their pets present myr­i­ad oppor­tu­ni­ties for engage­ment.