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5 Feedback Methods More Effective Than Surveys

Are you still rely­ing on cus­tomer sur­veys as your pri­ma­ry source of cus­tomer feed­back? That no longer cuts it in a world where 65% of con­sumers are using mobile phones to pro­vide feed­back to busi­ness­es.

Phone: Why Clients Believe it's the Most Reliable CX Medium

Every­thing seems to be going dig­i­tal. So, you’d be falling behind if you didn’t make most of your cus­tomer ser­vice the same way, right? Wrong.

What You Need To Know To Get Your Sales Calls Answered

Calls are the most direct way to reach a prospect. And, even if you get sent to voice­mail, you know your mes­sage will be heard. But, just like every­thing in sales, though, there is an art to the phone call.

Safety Is The Number One Reason For 76% Of Parents Who Buy Kids Phones

Ting, a top rat­ed post­paid MVNO ser­vice and a divi­sion of Tucows Inc., revealed the results of its Ting Dig­i­tal Fam­i­ly Lifestyle Sur­vey, giv­ing insight into par­ents' thoughts, con­cerns, habits and rules around their kids' mobile phone use. The sur­vey cov­ers top­ics that are impor­tant to those nav­i­gat­ing par­ent­ing in the mobile dig­i­tal age, includ­ing phone safe­ty, con­tent con­sump­tion on phones, rules around phone use, and the cost of keep­ing the fam­i­ly mobile. 1,565 par­ents with chil­dren under the age of 18 who have cell phones respond­ed to the sur­vey.

Voice Search Becoming Increasingly Important For Consumer/Restaurant Interation

Yext, Inc., the leader in Dig­i­tal Knowl­edge Man­age­ment, released new sur­vey data on how restaurant-goers use voice search to find and engage with restau­rants. The results reveal that voice search has become an impor­tant part of how con­sumers inter­act with restau­rants, and that voice search is an increas­ing­ly impor­tant part of restau­rant mar­ket­ing.

Convenience is the Most Important Aspect of a Banking App to over Half of Users

With the use of bank­ing and oth­er finan­cial apps on the rise, Cred­it One Bank con­duct­ed a sur­vey this past July to learn more about the usage of its mobile app. Over 1,400 card mem­bers respond­ed to a vari­ety of app-related ques­tions, includ­ing what they like most about the bank's app. The con­ve­nience it pro­vides was the top response (select­ed by 57% of respon­dents) out­rank­ing the fact that it's a free down­load, which came in a dis­tant sec­ond, by a fac­tor of over 3.5.

Outdated Technology in Cars is a Deal Breaker for 88% of Consumers

Meto­va, a world lead­ing provider of mobile, con­nect­ed car, con­nect­ed home and IoT Solu­tions, today announced the results of a sur­vey reveal­ing the sen­ti­ment of con­sumers* regard­ing "the con­nect­ed car." Of note, over half of respon­dents own a car that con­nects to the inter­net, either direct or via phone, while two-thirds would switch to a dif­fer­ent enter­tain­ment ser­vice if that ser­vice is read­i­ly avail­able in their new vehi­cle.

Unsure Whether to Call or Email a Prospect? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

Does your lat­est prospect pre­fer email or phone con­tact? If they don’t specif­i­cal­ly list a cer­tain medi­um on their LinkedIn or oth­er pages, you’ve no way of know­ing. Or do you?

20% of Americans Access the Internet Exclusively from Their Phones at Home

"Amer­i­cans tend to view the impact of the inter­net and oth­er dig­i­tal tech­nolo­gies on their own lives in large­ly pos­i­tive ways, Pew Research Cen­ter sur­veys have shown over the years. A sur­vey of U.S. adults con­duct­ed in Jan­u­ary 2018 finds con­tin­u­ing evi­dence of this trend, with the vast major­i­ty of inter­net users (88%) say­ing the inter­net has, on bal­ance, been a most­ly good thing for them per­son­al­ly."

E‑commerce Retailers Can Win Shoppers With Short, Secure Contact Us Forms

Busi­ness­es rely on online forms, but cus­tomers often aban­don forms instead of com­plet­ing them. Over 80% of peo­ple sur­veyed by The Man­i­fest say they aban­doned at least one online form recent­ly, with near­ly a third (29%) cit­ing secu­ri­ty con­cerns and more than a quar­ter (27%) quit­ting forms that are too long.

3 Tips to Increasing Digital Advertising Efficiency

Do you have dig­i­tal adver­tis­ing clients? Make sure they're tak­ing advan­tage of these three trends to make the most of their dig­i­tal ad spend.

3 Ways to Inspire Customer Loyalty

Client loy­al­ty is accom­pa­nied by a slew of ben­e­fits such as stel­lar rec­om­men­da­tions and not hav­ing to strug­gle to find some­one new to make sales to. Here's how you can inspire such loy­al­ty.

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