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Physicians Targeting Seniors with Personalized Preventive Care

One size does not fit all. This generalization is especially true when it comes to delivering health care services. The goal of the new Affordable Care Act is to ultimately offer health care services to more consumers and hold down overall costs. One way to do that is to offer a personalized service model.

Consumers Using Online Tools, Word-of-Mouth to Find New Physicians

The federal government, health insurance companies, and exchanges are spending millions to encourage consumers to sign up for coverage under the new Affordable Care Act. However, these aren’t the only organizations targeting consumers with new ad campaigns. The American Osteopathic Association (AOA) is encouraging physicians to pay attention to the criteria patients use when evaluating them and to advertise accordingly.

Pharma Companies to Reach Physicians via Search

Pharmaceutical firms spend a significant sum educating and informing patients about new drugs as they become available. But for the most part, these companies must convince physicians to write a prescription in the first place. These days, more physicians are spending time online and as they do so, they visit specific sites. The latest research shows that pharma companies may be able to increase sales by targeting physicians as they search for information online.