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60% of Vehicles Refinanced Last Year were Pickup Trucks

Trucks are refinanced more than any other personal vehicle type on the road and driving higher monthly refinance savings ($89 on average in 2018 for truck owners versus $77 on average for car owners), according to a new RateGenius report.

Auto Dealers to Promote Pickup Trucks to New Audiences

When the economy tanked and gas prices soared, many pickup truck owners held onto their existing vehicles. But in the past few months, market economics have changed. Dealers are not only advertising pickup trucks to the usual audiences, they’re also anticipating selling trucks to new kinds of buyers.

Pickup Truck Market to Grow More Competitive with Mahindra Entrance

Sales in the pickup truck market are about to get more competitive. Mahindra & Mahindra, an Indian-based company, has been waiting for over a year to introduce its compact diesel pickup in the U.S. The firm had originally planned to launch the truck, to be named either the TR20 or TR40, last summer. But the entire auto industry slowdown forced Mahindra t change its plans. Now the company plans to begin actively selling its trucks in the U.S. by December.