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Pivotal Research: Ad Market to Grow 4% New Year

This week, Brian Wieser, Pivotal Research, revised his earlier projections for 2018 ad spending. The market looks stronger than it did earlier this year.

Pivotal Sees a 2.5% Increase in 2014 U.S. Ad Market

As we approach the end of the year, major agencies and research firms will begin to release their updated forecasts for the ad market for 2014. Pivotal Research Group has just released its latest numbers which project total ad spending to be up slightly for 2013. The firm is also anticipating a 2.5% increase for next year, excluding the line items for politics and the Olympics. When those number are added in, total spending will amount to $186.2 billion in 2014 spending or a 4.3% jump over this year.