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Doctors to Promote Whole-Patient Services

“More than eight in 10 adults who have visited a healthcare provider (e.g., doctor’s office, hospital, outpatient clinic, urgent care clinic, etc.) at least twice in the past year agree that if their provider knew more about their health interests, goals and motivations, they would be able to serve them better (84% strongly agree/agree/somewhat agree), reports Ipsos.”

42% of Adults Want Their Doctor/Patient Relationship to Extend to Social Media

A new survey from the American Osteopathic Association finds more than half of millennials (54%) and more than four out of 10 (42%) adults are or would like to be friends with or follow their healthcare providers on social media. The online survey was conducted by The Harris Poll in April 2018 on behalf of the AOA.

Consumers Demanding Flexibility and Updated Technology from Healthcare Providers

Now that some of the debate has quieted about the Affordable Care Act, consumers are paying attention to what the changes in the healthcare system mean for them. Healthcare shoppers are also expecting service providers to update their delivery methods and this includes more use of technology. A PwC Health Research Institute report finds that traditional service providers must promote features like pricing transparency and longer office hours to stay competitive.