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43% of PR Pros to Boost Influencer Marketing Budgets This Year

Are your clients using influencer marketing? If not, you might want to educate them on this topic.

Manage Smarter 10 — Jordan Blakesley: How One Tweet Can Destroy Your Career or Business

Jordan Blakesley is a Principal Partner at B Public Relations, a Denver-based public relations firm. She has more than a decade of experience, specializing in PR in the travel/tourism, restaurant/food/wine and luxury real estate industries. In episode 10, we discuss a social media/public relations case study involving two slain Ohio police officers and a restaurant owner who tweeted carelessly about their killings and the resulting lessons for managers, leadership and business owners.


PR Strategy: Use Social Influencers

Why you should include influential social-media users in your PR strategy: The newest emerging marketing category is all about social media users with large followings, sometimes called "influencers." They are undercover trendsetters who are gradually adding new layers to the way marketers leverage social.

Courtney Huckabay July 8, 2015 Media Usage Tags:

B2C Marketers to Focus on PR and Social Media

B2C marketers have come a long way in a short time with respect to social media. More of these businesses say they are doing a better job with social media and expect to increase their efforts next year. These companies are also feeling more optimistic about their PR efforts going into 2011. These findings, from a new Vocus study, suggest a stronger business outlook overall for B2C marketers.

Social Media Growing as PR tool

The buzz about social media is growing louder in the public relations (PR) industry. PR firms have long turned to traditional media to get the word out about their clients. But as more consumers use social media on a daily basis, more PR professionals are using this format to talk to target audiences. Partners at StevensGouldPincus have been tracking the trend and predict nearly half of the communications efforts by PR firms next year will involve social media.