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Food Marketers to Promote Shelf-stable Breakfast Food and Boxed, Prepared Dinners to Millennials

“Compared with Generation X and older generations, millennials are at the start of their adult buying journeys,” reports Nielsen. “And as a result, this generation’s spending power is only going to increase over time. So while some of the buzz around this group’s digital savviness has faded, this group’s growing spending prowess isn’t something that marketers should lose sight of.”

Sales of Prepared/Ready-to-Eat Foods to Reach $32.45B in 2012

Sales of prepared foods and ready-to-eat foods at retail will reach $32.45 billion in 2012, according to a new report from Packaged Facts. Sales are driven in part by cost compared to fast food and family restaurant options; prepared and ready-to-eat foods are often cheaper, making them accessible to a wide range of household incomes. Supermarkets are also increasingly providing and marketing fresh food items consistent with ongoing health trends.

Need for Convenience Fuels Growth in Prepared Food Purchases at Supermarkets

Convenience is a key driver for U.S. consumers who are increasingly turning to prepared foods purchased at the supermarket deli for in-home suppers, reports The NPD Group. According to NPD’s DeliTrack, which tracks deli-prepared food purchases, consumers indicate that one of the top reasons they purchase prepared foods is for an easy meal at home. DeliTrack data finds that nearly half of deli-area prepared food purchases are in-store decisions. In addition, approximately one-in-five adults purchase a prepared food from retail in a typical week.