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76% of Consumers Want Healthier Food Offerings in Drugstores

"The self-care movement is playing a key role in reshaping health care in a way that drug store retailers and manufacturers can’t afford to ignore. Recent data from The Conference Board Global Consumer Confidence Survey, in collaboration with Nielsen, shows that 18% of Americans reported health as a top concern, next only to the economy (22%) and immigration (19%)."

Hospitals, Private Practices And Labs Ad Spending Exceeds $3B A Year

Direct-to-consumer advertising now amounts to about 32% of all ad spending in the health care vertical.

Pharmacies to Promote Savings to Influence New Business

Nearly half of consumers have abandoned a medication prescribed by their physician because it was too expensive, according to a survey released today by DrFirst, the nation's leading provider of e‑prescribing and patient medication management solutions. At a time when the federal government is pushing a variety of measures to make prescription drug prices more transparent to consumers, the nationwide survey revealed that fully 73% of consumers would change pharmacies if they knew that doing so would save them money on a prescription.

Medical Marketing to Go Mobile This Year

More medical devices are expected to come to market in 2013. The enterprises behind these devices will be increasing their ad campaigns as a result. Industry experts also believe that recently approved weight loss drugs will be heavily marketed to patients suffering from obesity and diabetes and to their physicians. But changes in the way consumers interact with medical professionals will prompt enterprises to shift their media mix.

Pharma Companies to Employ Behavioral Targeting with Caution

Last month I blogged about the intricate steps pharmaceutical firms are taking to follow the law when using social media tactics. In particular, most pharma companies disable the comments section on the social media sites to ensure that consumer privacy laws, especially important in this industry, are not breached. But these steps have not been sufficient to quiet the critics.

Changes Predicted for 2010 Pharmaceutical Marketing

Any way you look at it, pharmaceutical DTC marketing translates to big money. This year, industry marketers are waiting to hear the outcome on two issues. Writing for AdWeek, Jim Edwards points out that the FDA is expected to rule on the guidelines for online marketing of prescription drugs. In addition, the anticipated federal health care legislation may play a role in the future of DTC advertising. These outcomes of both of these issues will affect the future of the industry's marketing efforts.