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Struggling to Inspire Sales via Presentations? Try This

How many times have you sat through a slideshow presentation that made you lose interest almost immediately? Probably too often. How are your sales presentations to your prospects and clients different than those other boring ones?


1 Tip That Makes Your Presentations More Appealing to All

It’s likely that, for most of your presentations, your audiences will be comprised of both introverts and extroverts. How you cater to both groups can have a huge impact on how well your presentation is received.


How Effective is Your Presentation Style?

What’s your go-to presentation style? Is it really working out for you as well as another style could be?

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Do You Have A Presentation Ritual? If Not, Try One of These

Presentations require a lot of work, in regard to both style and content. While you may have a flawless presentation on paper, your attitude and energy can ultimately determine its success. And, every presenter has different needs when it comes to prepping for an audience.


The 3 Steps to Creating Your Most Successful Sales Presentation Yet

Here's how to make your next sales presentation into an engaging story about how your company and the prospect work together to overcome the prospect’s problems.


Tips to Ace Your Next Sales Presentation

Does everyone else in your department seem to effortlessly give amazing presentations? This could be you, too, if you take the time to consider the suggestions Skip Prichard makes on his blog.


How to Present Like a TED-Pro

An Inc. article shares 20 public-speaking tips that can instantly improve your speaking and presentation skills. Below are a few highlights to get you started:

2 Tips to Tweak Your Presentation and Score the Sale

What steps can you take to make sure your presentation hits a sales home run? Check out these tips from Emily Stanford at Salesforce who has collected a few suggestions from industry experts.