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Don't Let Price Objections Derail the Sale

Price objec­tions aren’t lim­it­ed to just one indus­try. No mat­ter what you’re sell­ing, you’ll like­ly encounter more than one cus­tomer who doesn’t agree with your pric­ing.

4 Ways around Common Sales Objections

You prod­uct or ser­vice could be absolute­ly per­fect for your prospect. It could ful­fill every need, be a good price, and you got along with them swim­ming­ly. But, even with all that, if a prospect says that now’s just not the time, what can you do? A lot, actu­al­ly, writes Leslie Ye in a recent Hub­Spot arti­cle.

How to Respond to a Common Price Objection

Thanks to the preva­lence of dis­count­ing, most reps will encounter price objec­tions from prospects. But, just because your com­peti­tors are slash­ing prices, it doesn’t mean that you should. While dis­count­ing cer­tain­ly has its place in the indus­try, it shouldn’t be your knee-jerk reac­tion.