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Book Store to Promote Titles to 47% of Consumers Who Want Printed Materials

"Accord­ing to a recent online sur­vey con­duct­ed by Ipsos on behalf of Canon, adults are most like­ly to say that if print­ed mate­ri­als no longer exist­ed it would make them feel sad (47%). Only 5%, in com­par­i­son, say that they would feel hap­py and very few (1%) would feel relieved. One in five would feel unsure (22%) if print medi­um no longer exist­ed, while at least one in ten would feel indif­fer­ent (14%). Few­er say that the extinc­tion of the print medi­um would make them feel anx­ious (6%) or over­whelmed (4%)."

Millennial SMB Owners Believe in the Power of Traditional Ad Formats

If you’re pitch­ing tra­di­tion­al media for­mats to mil­len­ni­al small busi­ness own­ers, your job might be eas­i­er than you expect. Mil­len­ni­al busi­ness own­ers are com­mit­ted to adver­tis­ing their busi­ness­es to suc­ceed.

Cable TV to Score Bigger Piece of Political Ad Spending

Can­di­dates and polit­i­cal action com­mit­tees are buy­ing ad space to inform con­sumers and sway the vote. While online media for­mats may see the biggest increas­es in polit­i­cal ad spend­ing, cable TV oper­a­tors can expect to see their rev­enues increase from this activ­i­ty.

Here's How to Win More Ad Money From Luxury Brands

Con­sumers are ready to splurge on lux­u­ry items this year. Here’s what your clients need to know about adver­tis­ing these prod­ucts.

Move Over TV Ad Spending, Mobile is Here

We’ve watched mobile adver­tis­ing over­come desk­top and lap­top adver­tis­ing spend, but this year, it’s going after TV’s ad spend­ing.

Introducing Affluencers and Why You Need to Advertise to Them

Afflu­encers spend 40% more than afflu­ents and, out of every con­sumer group, their future pur­chase intent is the great­est. Here's who they are and how to adver­tise to them.

Maine Manager Helps Shop 'Pop' with Print Ad

With direct com­pe­ti­tion in a near­by town, this gun store’s man­ag­er and mar­ket­ing team need­ed to let the Fal­mouth com­mu­ni­ty know about its brand-new range and train­ing cen­ter. The Forecaster’s Cyn­dy Bell had all the ammu­ni­tion she need­ed from AdMall to reach out to her account. The Adver­tis­ing Accounts Man­ag­er knew from her research that the busi­ness had just changed its web­site and need­ed to increase the SEO of that new site.

Why Your Clients Shouldn't Be Overlooking the Power of Direct Mail

It's time to get your clients' ads more atten­tion by tak­ing advan­tage of a medi­um oth­er adver­tis­ers under­es­ti­mate (even though it holds receivers' atten­tion for 118% longer than dig­i­tal).

Digital is King, but Print Remains a Preferred Channel this Holiday Season

It’s that hol­i­day time of the year – at least for mar­keters. Over 2/3 of mar­keters were estab­lish­ing their adver­tis­ing plans for the upcom­ing hol­i­day sea­son by the end of August. An Exper­ian study finds that mar­keter strate­gies dif­fer sig­nif­i­cant­ly based on the indus­try they’re in and media com­pa­nies might want to take a look at these details to know when to pitch their for­mats to clients.

Marketers to Introduce More Lenticular Print in Ad Campaigns

One way for adver­tis­ers to get their mes­sages noticed is to do some­thing out of the ordi­nary. A wide­ly report­ed-on print ad cam­paign in Spain did just that recent­ly. By using a lentic­u­lar print for­mat, the mar­keter, a non­prof­it orga­ni­za­tion that is call­ing atten­tion to child abuse, man­ages to speak sep­a­rate­ly to adults and chil­dren who view their out-of-home mes­sage.

Social Media Use to Boost Brand Campaigns on Traditional Media

Media com­pa­nies are seek­ing ways to con­nect with con­sumers who use social media while watch­ing TV. Know­ing who uses social media and in which ways can help media com­pa­nies sell their pro­gram­ming to mar­keters. A new TVB study released on this top­ic, 2013 Cul­tur­al Cur­ren­cy, has iden­ti­fied how con­sumers are engag­ing with spe­cif­ic social plat­forms as they watch TV.

Rise in Online News Consumption to Threaten TV Ad Dollars

U.S. con­sumers want to know what’s hap­pen­ing in the news. Whether it’s a sto­ry about the war, the lat­est bud­get cri­sis or a nat­ur­al dis­as­ter, peo­ple are pay­ing atten­tion. But they are access­ing vary­ing chan­nels to get the news and media com­pa­nies should watch the chang­ing trends because ad dol­lars could be impact­ed.

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