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The Effect of Programmatic on Digital Video Advertising

Approximately $59.431 billion expected to be spent on programmatic digital display advertising in the U.S. this year. Of that, eMarketer believes that $29.24 billion (or 49.2%) will be allocated to programmatic video. Programmatic video is expected to account for about half of programmatic digital display spending by 2021 and continue to grow from there.

What are the Most Effective Mobile Ad Formats?

An average of 22.3% of companies’ digital advertising budget is put toward mobile in-app ads, according to a study by PubMatic. Additionally, another 22.2% is allocated toward mobile web ads. But do either of those come as a surprise to you? With how glued to our hands our mobile devices seem to be, it only makes sense that businesses should be allocating a significant amount of their digital funds to mobile advertising.

Radio they Love: 11% Listening to iHeartRadio

Fewer than two months after announcing its plans to launch a programmatic ad platform for its broadcast radio stations, iHeartMedia has invested in Unified for analytics and targeting data. ‰ÛÏThe integration of Unified‰Ûªs social data will give iHeartMedia advertisers enhanced capabilities

Are Custom Brand Exchanges the Future?

Programmatic ad buying is capturing more attention and a bigger portion of the digital marketing budget. Industry experts note that the programmatic market has been doing particularly well in terms of direct response money. At the same time, there’s been growth in private exchanges. Now, Google wants to change everything and create a ‘custom brand exchange’ that will allow it to serve “as an intermediary between high quality publishers and the upper echelon of advertising options in a demand-driven market," according to a post by Corey Pollack on Wave Digital Media.