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40% of Restaurant Diners Expect Weekly Deals

The economy may be roaring along, but consumers are still in a recession mindset.

Social Media Images Drive 33% of Millennials to Click

Are your clients getting all they can from their social media marketing? The goal for most marketers is to use social media marketing to drive traffic and revenue.

Are Your Clients Overdoing Promotions?

As we enter 2019, your clients may be asking themselves whether they should spend more money on promotions or on advertising. Analytic Partners has released its ROI Genome Report to show marketers how they may be missing the mark when they rely on promotions.

Nearly Half of Marketers Need Help With Media Mix

It’s a challenge every business owner faces. How much of their marketing budget should be spent on branding versus short-term promotions?

Here’s How Your Clients Could Reap More from Email Marketing

Sixty-nine percent of businesses still put time and money into their email advertising. Here are the forms they're using and what they're getting out of it.

Is Your Promotion System Wrecking Your Culture?

Your employees may love their jobs and love the culture you’ve created together. That contentment won’t stop them from paying attention to status changes.

Are You Sure That Employee is Ready to Lead?

When it’s time to fill a management position in your company, slow down and think about what you’re doing. Making a mistake with a leadership promotion can seriously impact your operations and company morale.

Rebates to Remain Key Marketing Tool

Nobody likes to trade down, especially when it comes to their standard of living. The recent recession pinched the budgets of more consumers than any other downturn in recent history. To preserve their quality of life, consumers turned to deals and discounts and despite the improving economy, most shoppers show little interest in giving up their desire for obtaining goods and services at reduced prices.

Promotional Giveaways to Become a Larger Part of the Marketing Toolkit

Developing an ad campaign using the latest technology and trendy tactics is certain to delight the go-getters at an ad agency or in the marketing department, but sometimes an enterprise has to turn to tried and true tactics to move products. In most cases, this means promotional discounts and giveaways. Nothing gets consumers quite as excited as a freebie or deep discounts and this year, marketers will be using promotions in a variety of ways.

CPG Manufacturers to Vary Promotional Strategies Based on Consumer Age

As consumer package goods (CPG) manufacturers roll out new products, they typically produce trade promotion programs. These programs, often run as partnerships with retailers, are designed to convince consumers to try something new. Consumers are well aware of these programs and have definite preferences when it comes to promotions.