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Flood Insurance Agents to Promote Policies to Consumers Who Are Unaware of Need

"Accord­ing to Con­sumer Reports, in recent weeks, north­ern Cal­i­for­ni­ans have suf­fered from heavy rain, snow, and mud­slides as pow­er­ful storms swept in from the Pacif­ic Ocean. Near­by states, includ­ing Ari­zona, south­ern Neva­da, and Wyoming, also felt the impact as flood watch­es went into effect. Yet the flood sea­son has bare­ly start­ed. While flood­ing hap­pens all year, it is par­tic­u­lar­ly com­mon in the late spring and sum­mer, accord­ing to The Weath­er Com­pa­ny, a sub­sidiary of IBM."

Online Property Insurance Market Predicted to Grow

Pur­chas­ing auto insur­ance online has become a well-established prac­tice. Now that con­sumers have grown com­fort­able with that process, they are look­ing to make oth­er insur­ance pur­chas­es online. A new com­Score report shows that the prop­er­ty insur­ance indus­try may be the next sec­tor poised to make big gains online as peo­ple look for an easy way to pur­chase cov­er­age for their homes or apart­ments .