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Prospects have rules. Follow them to make an easy sale.

When you make a presentation, you’re not the only one with expectations. The person you’re presenting to has as many or more than you. Are you aware of them?


Are You Unknowingly Giving Your Prospects Negative Attention?

Too many salespeople aren’t engaging their prospects and giving them the positive attention they need in order to be motivated into a sale. If you’re asking yourself how a salesperson could be giving negative attention to someone they’re trying to sell to, here’s some enlightenment that Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall provide in their SellingPower article.


The Home Court Advantage. Are You Using it to Make Sales?

The average professional sports team wins more than 75% of the games they play on their home court. That's a pretty high winning percentage.


The Secret Ingredient to Sales and How to Cultivate It

If you had to choose, what would you say is the secret ingredient to sales success? Sure, overall success is a mix of many skills, but if you had to pick one, which would it be?

Voicemail Messages That Will Get a Call Back

Voicemail … is it where deals die? Maybe not if you know how to leave the right message.


What Prospects Need to Know to Buy Right Now

There’s a reason behind why that hesitant buyer isn’t signing your contract. They just aren’t telling you what it is. And, chances are, they’re not going to tell you without a bit of prompting.


Prospect Gone Cold? Here's What to Do

Promising prospects can suddenly go silent despite your best efforts. So, what can you do to effectively rekindle communication?

Voicemail Messages That Will Get a Call Back

Voicemail … is it where deals die? Maybe not if you know how to leave the right message.

Tips to Transform Prospects into Long-Term Clients

If you don't take care of your prospects and clients, your competitors will jump at the chance to steal them. Here's how to keep that from happening.

Streamline the Prospect's Path to "Yes"

Is it taking longer to get your prospects to say yes? Information overload is impacting everyone's schedule and sometimes slows down the sales cycle. Check out these tips to speed the prospect to the answer you want.

How to Break the Ice With a New Prospect

Congrats on securing a meeting with a potentially lucrative prospect! Now, how do you plan to woo him or her and get some much-needed insight?


Prospects May Misinterpret These Common Phrases

Do your prospects think you’re trustworthy? The answer may surprise you. Only 3% of people consider sales representatives to be trustworthy!

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