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Manage Smarter 48: Mental Health and Managing

Kristie Knights is a psychotherapist in private practice and a keynote speaker in suicide prevention and awareness. She provides assessment, education, and strategies to C‑Level organizations, including C‑Suite Executives in Psychological Health and Safety Management. In episode 48, we discuss: the huge jump in C‑Suite suicide rates since 2010, domestic violence, PTSD and other struggles, signs to look for to recognize a colleague is in distress and how to approach and talk to a colleague you think may be in crisis.

How to Create the Right Mindset in Your Prospects

It’s not necessarily our message that first moves people to think or act. But rather the mindset we create for them can guide decisions.

3 Psychological Tips for a Better Sales Call

Have you ever thought about what you say on sales calls or how you say it? Your words, behavior and tone can have a psychological impact on your client of prospect.