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Cat Lovers Shown to be Non-Conformist

Should marketers of pet products and services tweak their messages to appeal to the unique personalities of dog and cat owners? New research from Denise Guastello at Wasukesha, WI-based Carroll University and summarized by Rachel Rettner at LiveScience, reveals significant differences between consumers who own only dogs and those who own only cats.

Apartment Renters Want Optimal Location

Over the past few years, renter renewal intent has steadily drifted down from 60.8% to 53.8% according to Kingsley Associates. As rental property managers seek to attract new tenants and retain their existing clients, they'll need to promote the features most sought after by renters. Location and rental rates remain key factors for consumers making these decisions.

Home Buyers Turning to Mobile Search

Home buyers are venturing back into the market in greater numbers than at any time since the recession started. Given that technology has changed considerably in the past few years, house hunters are finding their homes in different ways. Google reports that mobile search, in particular, is increasingly important.

Grocers Targeting In-the-Moment Shoppers

Findings from the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) indicate that younger shoppers are relying less on making lists before they head out to the store. While 50% of Boomers are in the habit of shopping to stock their pantries, 37% of Millennials consider what they need right before shopping. To satisfy these shoppers, more stores are designing apps which are socially engaging, economically relevant and personally pertinent.

24% of Millennials Lack Health Insurance

Approximately one in four Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 lacks health insurance (24%), according to a new insuranceQuotes​.com report. Despite the Affordable Care Act's mandate that all Americans have health insurance, the report found 16% of all adults do not have health insurance.

Video Games: The New Leader in Digital Life

The video game space is heating up in a big way, especially when it comes to streaming. Late last month, Amazon stepped up to purchase Twitch, a video game streaming company. And earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft is close to purchasing Mojang, the maker of Minecraft. Why the sudden interest in these companies?

Are All Dollar Store Shoppers the Same?

Several major chains are battling for their market share of the value shopper this fall. Earlier this year, Dollar Tree offered to purchase Family Dollar. Why is this sector so active? And who shops at these stores?

Women Using Both Fragrance and Scented Body Lotions

Nine out of ten women in the U.S. use a scented personal product, and the majority of fine fragrance users also use some type of scented body product, according to the 2014 Women’s FragranceTrack Report from The NPD Group, Inc. Very few women use only fine fragrances. Nearly 60 percent of women, age 16 and up, currently use a fine fragrance as well as a scented body product.

Restaurants Target Lunch Visitors with Speedy Service

A new Technomic report points out that lunchtime restaurant visitors value speedy service, convenience, and higher-quality food. Consumers regularly eat lunch away from home—a couple of days a week, on average. Operators have been focusing their efforts on gaining a larger share of visits during this highly competitive daypart.

Tablets Owners Buy More Consumer Electronics

It’s an all-digital world for most tablet owners. According to new research from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), just over half (54%) of online consumers have purchased tablets for themselves. This research shows a 4% rise in overall tablet ownership and a general tendency on the part of this audience to purchase more electronic devices than other consumers.

Consumers Want Clean Homes

Obsessed with cleaning? If so, you are not alone. According to a new survey commissioned by CLR (www​.jelmar​.com), one-third of Americans consider themselves to be cleaning fanatics with the average American spending almost five hours a week cleaning and mothers with children under eight years old spending an average of nine hours a week cleaning. Additionally, more than half of Americans (52%) consider cleaning to be therapeutic.

Tennis Fans Make a Lucrative Target During U.S. Open

While the attention of most U.S. tennis fans is directed to the action on the courts at the U.S. Open in the next couple of weeks, marketers are hoping to promote their products and services to this lucrative audience. The Tennis Industry Association reports that the tennis economy is valued at $5.4 billion annually.

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