"Accord­ing to a recent online sur­vey con­duct­ed by Ipsos on behalf of Ravens­burg­er, near­ly half (48%) of Amer­i­can adults enjoy puz­zling at least once a year; that is, jiq­saw puz­zles meant for adults (e.g., those that have 500+ pieces), includ­ing one in five who say they puz­zle monthly/weekly/daily (19%). Those most­ly like­ly to enjoy puz­zling at least month­ly include men (24% vs. 14% of women), younger adults (34% of 18 — 34-year-olds vs. 10% of those ages 55+), and those with chil­dren liv­ing at home (28% vs. 15% of those with no kids). On the oth­er hand, 52% of Amer­i­can adults say that they puz­zle less than one a year to nev­er."