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IAB: OTT and DTC Brand Advertising Drove Q3 2018 Digital Ad Market Increases

When the IAB and PwC last reported on the state of digital advertising, they gave us detailed figures for the first half of 2018. At that point, advertisers had spent $49.5 billion getting their messages out to consumers.

How to Help Your Clients Target Niche Audiences with Podcast Ads

With so much attention focused on podcasts, advertisers are taking notice. A new Nielsen report describes who’s listening to which type of podcast and how to match your advertisers with these audiences.

Digital to Drive U.S. Ad Market to New Highs Through 2022

Between now and 2022, digital will be the force that drives the U.S. media advertising market. That message comes across loud and clear in PwC’s most recent annual forecast.

Is Your Culture Designed for Innovation?

If you can inspire your employees to think innovatively and help them nurture creative suggestions from concept to product, your company is likely to achieve a growth rate of at least 15%.