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Radio: the Medium Reaching 92% of Americans Weekly

Have you ever wondered just how influential radio is? Well, according to Nielsen’s Audio Today 2019 report, 92% of Americans listen to the radio every single week. That’s 272 million people over the age of six; a larger, steadier number than TV, mobile, or digital.

Are Digital Radio Ads Worth the Investment? (Yes)

Digital ad revenue for local radio stations is expected to increase by more than $1 million this year. According to RAB’s “Radio’s Digital Sales Inch Closer to $1 Billion” report, digital ad revenue totaled $804 million last year. This year, $949 million is the expected revenue amount.

Radio Stations To Focus on Their Own Branding

Media companies should know a little something about branding. After all, they sell advertising space to marketers who put forth their best promotional efforts to increase sales. But a blog post at JacobsMedia by Fred Jacobs, suggests that radio stations, in particular, need to examine what they’re doing and shift strategies to maximize the value of their brands.