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Tweet Me Right: Mastering Social Networking

Does your agency Twitter? Or have a Facebook profile? If not, your agency could be missing out on a lot of free and far-reaching promotion, networking opportunities, and chances to build strong professional relationships.

"Deep Listening" Can Boost Business" rel="bookmark"> "Deep Listening" Can Boost Business

Marketing strategist Ardath Albee wants more businesses to listen to their clients and prospects. "Surface listening," which is based solely on self-interested gains, just won't cut it in 2009, and he urges companies to connect with clients on a deeper level.

Giving Thanks

Once again Thanksgiving is upon us, and while recent economic woes have put a dent in the holiday cheer of many, there are still reasons for your agency to be thankful.

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Thanksgiving: The New Season to Give

Corporate gift giving has extended beyond the traditional December holidays, and many companies have adjusted their schedule to send a little something to clients for Thanksgiving.

Build Trust The Mathematical Way

Are you familiar with the Trust Equation? I wasn't until coming across an article by Charles H. Green, author of Trust-Based Selling.

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Should You Stay or Go?

Not all clients are going to be a dream to work with, but what do you do when your project hits a snag because of a client’s inattention?

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Finding Middle Ground

A great client is translator, protector, advocate, therapist.” This quote is from an article on AdAge​.com, “Making Sense of Cultural Dissonance,” by Jennifer Patterson. Succinct and spot-on, Patterson’s vision of the ideal client is something agencies hope for, but not too often find. Realistically, a client may fill just one of the roles mentioned above, […]

Build Your Way to A Sale

A recent article from John Doerr, president of the Wellesley Hills Group, focused on the correlation between building blocks and selling services

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Conversations Can Lead to Sales

Relationships are part of the foundation of sales.

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