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Street Fight: 12% of Businesses Make Negative Reviewers an Offer

Your clients could be overlooking an important component of digital marketing. Specifically, reputation management is playing a bigger role for large marketers that track how well their local operations are doing.

Do Your Health Care Clients Need Online Reputation Management Help?

The latest research shows health care professionals need to devote more resources to managing their online reputations.

Do Your Clients’ Reputations Need an Upgrade?

Reputations of corporate America took a big hit last year. Between last year and this year, the percentage of consumers who trust top companies to do the right thing fell from 62% to 49%.

Do Your Clients Need Help Managing Online Reviews?

Online reviews are key to getting consumers to buy these days. To help clients clear the last hurdle with prospective buyers, offer to help get their online reviews where they need to be.

Reputation Management: An Easy Way to Get the Word Out

A salesperson’s reputation is as important as ever, thanks to the widespread availability of customer feedback and reviews. If your reputation isn’t stellar, you’re likely losing business over it.

Online Reviews Driving More Local Sales

Reviews are a critical part of the process that consumers use to determine whether they’ll reach out to a local business. The results of the 2017 Local Consumer Review Survey from BrightLocal tell you what really matters when it comes to reviews.

Marketers Move to Protect Themselves from the Dark Side of Social Media

In the wide open world of social media, it’s easier for marketers to forget that using the format can result in negative consequences. Businesses that fail to develop and stick to a social media policy put themselves at risk for trouble. These troubles range from brand damage to fines levied for accidental release of confidential information.

More Marketers to Invest in Online Reputation Management Tools

The first response of many retailers who start to see negative comments posted about their businesses online is to try to find a way to shut down the naysayers before revenues get impacted in a big way. But the new world of social media with its empowered and vocal consumers has seriously eroded the control of business operators. This situation has given rise to the new industry of online reputation management.

Companies in Unpopular Industries Reach Out

Companies operating in traditionally unpopular industries may believe they have no chance to improve their reputations in the consumer’s mind.