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NRF: 54% of Retailers to Open Traditional Stores This Year

If you’re selling media space and services to retailers, the most recent reports might leave you feeling a bit spooked. Companies continue to close stores and the industry is shifting.

Here’s What Your Clients Should Tout About Bricks-and-Mortar Stores

Nobody can blame retailers for asking if it’s over yet. I’m talking about the huge wave of store closings that have swept the U.S. in the past few years.

Are Your Clients Meeting Their Omnichannel Goals?

Retailers believe their in-store sales will shrink 14% in the next 12 to 18 months. This kind of statistic should set off alarms for your clients.

Marketers Prepare to Move to the Total Retail Model

Tech companies have opened the doors to a brave new world of commerce and consumers have quickly adapted to the digital process of discovering products, researching what they want, and making purchases. Retailers have been slower to come up the curve. In a new report, PriceWaterhouseCooper (PWC) urges marketers to embrace a Total Retail model which means they’ll be focusing on a single brand message and customer experience across all channels supported by an integrated back-office operation.

Retailer Geo-Targeting is Rapidly Growing

Bricks and mortar stores have plenty of completion from online competitors and other enterprises in the local market. One way to get an edge on the competition is to court potential customers who are in the immediate area. xAd, a mobile-location ad platform, has just released its assessment of geo-targeting based on information it has been compiling from its clients and sees a bright future for this ad format.

Traditional Retailers Survive by Marketing Their Innovations

The sound of the future is getting louder for retailers. For many, that sound is the click of a computer button or the swipe of a screen on a mobile device. Bricks and mortar retailers, especially grocers, would like to hear the sounds of more shoppers in their stores. To achieve that goal, Nielsen analysts say they must innovate.

Retailers Use New Strategies to Counteract Showrooming

Remember showrooming? Not so long ago, retail giant Amazon encouraged smartphone owners to engage in price comparisons using their smartphones. Amazon is a source of never-ending disintermediating threats to the traditional retail world, including the latest idea from Bezos to have drones deliver products to customers’ doorsteps. However, showrooming is not as popular as it once was. A new IBM report reveals that retailers are successfully counteracting this problem.

Retailers Can Expect Modest Gains This Holiday Season

As the economy improves at a gradual but steady pace, retailers can expect moderate gains this holiday season. According to new data from Deloitte, holiday sales are expected to climb to between $963 and $967 billion, representing a 4 to 4.5% increase in November through January holiday sales (excluding motor vehicles and gasoline) over last season. Additionally, Deloitte forecasts a 12.5 to 13% increase in non-store sales.

Retailers to Remain Tops in Digital Ad Outlay

Businesses continue to make the shift to digital advertising. In some industries, this transition is speeding ahead. Retailers, in general, have embraced digital advertising, and account for $1 out of every $5 spent in the format, according to eMarketer.

Mobile Email and Search to Become Larger Focus for Retailers

Retailers are often on the leading edge with their B2C marketing campaigns. In this highly competitive sector, it's crucial to connect with consumers and build loyalty. It should come as no surprise that these marketers are ambitiously pursuing their digital strategies in order to follow the consumer shift to digital media. The new State Of Retailing Online 2013: Marketing & Merchandising from Shop​.org and Forrester Research, Inc. shows just how seriously retailers are taking this move, especially as they focus on mobile search and email.

Retailers Hope to Outshine Manufacturers with New Promotional Techniques

As the digital shopping experience improves, manufacturers are seeing an opportunity to increase their sales directly to consumers. Some manufacturers are opening retail stores while others are selling online. This marks a big shift from the days when manufacturers used to help retailers sell their products. Retailers are struggling to hold onto market share in this new ecosystem and are looking for ways to improve their marketing and customer loyalty.

Large Retailers Rethinking Thanksgiving Weekend Promotions

Retailers are feeling better about the future. For many, the future will include a bigger digital presence. A new BDO USA survey indicates that retailers have reviewed what worked and didn’t work in 2012 with respect to increasing sales. Most are prepared to make some changes to improve their results in 2013.

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