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Help Your Client Achieve 25% Purchase Rates With These Retargeting Tips

Are your clients hitting the right balance with their retargeting efforts? Today’s successful marketers can expect a sale from about 25% of their targets.

Are Your Clients Overdoing Their Retargeting Ads?

Once consumers show interest in a specific product online, it’s easy to imagine they’re halfway down the purchase funnel. To reel in consumers the rest of the way, marketers are investing more in retargeting efforts.

Online Ad Targeting, Excessive Promotion Turning Consumers Off

As part of the drive to use ad dollars efficiently, marketers are set on tracking consumers online and targeting them with promotional material. Consumers have strong feelings on these topics. Their negative reaction to targeting has as much to do with the ads they don’t see as it has to do with privacy.

Media Companies to Face Growing Competition from Retailers

It used to be so easy. Media companies provided the expertise and the format to help retailers reach the right customers and increase sales. Now more online retailers have decided they can earn an additional revenue stream besides selling goods and services directly from their sites. Some are creating a new form of co-operative marketing.

Marketers Seeking Brand Lift to Use Retargeting

On Monday, I highlighted an eMarketer study that explained how more marketers are using online display media for branding campaigns. Currently, marketers use a number of techniques to improve the results of their display efforts. These techniques include retargeting, audience targeting and premium targeting. The results of a new comScore and ValueClick Media study suggest that retargeting is the most cost-effective of these strategies when it comes to branding.