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As Temperatures Rise, Auto Repair Shops can Heat up A/C Check Advertising

Imag­ine being stuck in traf­fic on a 90-degree day when your vehicle's air con­di­tion­ing sys­tem mal­func­tions. With sum­mer heat­ing up, the non-prof­it Car Care Coun­cil rec­om­mends that motorists be car care aware and have their A/C sys­tem checked to make sure it is work­ing prop­er­ly.

61% of Travelers Would Rather Stop at a Restaurant than a Rest Stop

While some trav­el­ers pre­fer to stop at a high­way rest area when they need a break, the lat­est poll from PEMCO Insur­ance found that a major­i­ty of dri­vers who trav­el long dis­tances would pre­fer to stop at retail loca­tions instead.

Auto Maintenance Centers Can Promote Pre-Travel Check-Ups for the Busy Summer Season

Before you hit the road this sum­mer, make sure your vehi­cle is road trip ready so you can have any prob­lems fixed before you go. A pre-trip vehi­cle check­up will help avoid the incon­ve­nience, poten­tial safe­ty haz­ards and unplanned expense of break­ing down miles away from home, says the non-prof­it Car Care Coun­cil.