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Top Tips for Customizing Employee Feedback

It’s never easy to deliver difficult news to an employee. When a team member isn’t performing up to expectations, you have to decide which approach to take.

Listen Up! What Leaders Can Learn From Team Members

Are you still having trouble listening to your employees? Maybe the problem is you don’t get the true purpose of listening.

Tips for Leading Your Team After Failure

If you and your team have just missed a big target or lost a huge account, it’s natural to feel discouraged. As a leader, you need to set the tone for what comes next.

Top Leaders Never Say "That Won't Work"

Management has asked you to take on a bigger role, because they believe you can make a difference in helping the company to reach its goals and grow. Whenever you have to say no, and sometimes that is the right answer, follow up on your negative response with a plan about what to do next. That’s Dan Rockwell’s advice at Leadershipfreak​.blog.