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Tom Pisello on the Manage Smarter podcast from SalesFuel

Manage Smarter 124: Tips for Boosting Your Sales Team's ROI

Tom Pisello is the Founder of the Evolved Selling Institute and currently Chief Evangelist for Mediafly, a leading sales enablement solution provider. He is well known from his podcasts, videos, blog posts, and newsletter as “the ROI Guy.” In this episode, we discuss: How to changes you can sell as well remotely as well as you did in person; Top ways to keep selling in COVID-19; Better methods to prepare interactive digital documents to make compelling sales sessions; and Creating mini-presentations to keep virtual selling with prospects at a higher level of engagement.


How to Boost ROI Through Review Management

You know that online reviews influence consumers as they determine who to do business with and what they’ll buy. Now you also have exact numbers to share with your prospects about the impact on ROI when their ratings stars rise.


Marketers Need Help With SEO

About 22% of the average marketer’s budget will be spent on SEO this year. Zazzle Research, in its State of SEO 2019 report, shows that marketers believe search engine optimization is critical to their success.


Need to Uncover ROI? Ask These Questions

The benefits of showing a strong ROI (return on investment) are well known, but some in the industry struggle with measuring and presenting their valuable impact.


Half of SMB Owners Lack a Marketing Plan

Have you been met with the sound of silence after you ask prospects what their marketing plan is? This is the perfect opportunity for you to sell them advertising and marketing services.


Tips to Help Clients Improve Social Media Marketing ROI

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Your clients can make the most of marketing through these sites once they understand what consumers are looking for.


CMO Survey: Marketers Spend on Paid Search, Mobile to Achieve ROI

To track the value of their marketing efforts, your clients can probably tell you their ROI. But do they know what the industry average is?


Are Your Clients Overdoing Promotions?

As we enter 2019, your clients may be asking themselves whether they should spend more money on promotions or on advertising. Analytic Partners has released its ROI Genome Report to show marketers how they may be missing the mark when they rely on promotions.


The Important Aspects of Email Marketing Your Competition is Overlooking

With all the positivity responders of GetResponse and Smart Insights' show toward email marketing, some survey results of how they're using email are shocking.


How to Help Your Clients Surpass the .05% CTR Rate

Display advertising still commands a significant portion of online ad spending. But how's that really working for your clients? Let’s take a look.

Marketers to Improve ROI Measurement of Sponsorship, Event Activities

Event and sponsorship marketing is gaining attention as an effective way to increase visibility for advertisers. In the increasingly cluttered media environment, having a banner or logo displayed in front of people who are gathered for an event can make a difference. Marketers may be tempted to engage in more of these kinds of promotions going forward, and a new ANA study suggests that businesses will improve their attempts to measure the benefits they’re receiving from these investments.

Marketers to Reconsider How Much They Spend on Paid Search

Paid Search. It’s a field that captures nearly half of all online ad spending. Google became a household name as a result of its sophisticated algorithms and ad words. Marketers were willing to spend $14.8 billion last year on paid search to improve their positions on search engine results pages. But is paid search delivering the kind of ROI that marketers believe they are getting?

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