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2 Reasons Your Prospects May Not Trust You

James Rores, founder and CEO of Floriss Group, says that 97% of sales­peo­ple are not viewed as trust­wor­thy by prospec­tive clients. Instead, they’re seen as self-cen­tered, pushy, and manip­u­la­tive. Why does this hap­pen?

Why It’s Time to Embrace the Servant Leader Role

Today's buy­ers are savvy and well-informed. To suc­ceed, it's time to employ the lat­est sales method­ol­o­gy. In a recent Man­age Smarter pod­cast, James Rores, CEO of Floriss Group, author of the Col­lect­ing WINS Sales Method­ol­o­gy, and Founder of the Growth Mul­ti­pli­er Move­ment out­lined how you can apply the ser­vant leader approach to sales and sales man­age­ment process.

Are You a Salesperson or a Sales Leader?

You may think that ser­vant lead­er­ship has noth­ing to do with sales for peo­ple who aren’t in man­age­ment posi­tions. If you think that, you’re mis­in­formed.