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Programmatic Ad Buying Gains Momentum

As more marketers shift their ad spending online, they’re also looking for ways to purchase media space more efficiently. Real-time bidding (RTB), or programmatic ad buying, along with automated platforms, have been on the radar in the past couple of years. These techniques are set to account for nearly 50% of all display-related ad buying by the end of 2013, according to MAGNA GLOBAL.

Programmatic Ad Buying to Increase Rapidly

Interest in mobile advertising is growing so quickly that forecasters are being forced to revise their numbers. A new prediction from eMarketer also contains updated information about digital display sales and its impact on real-time bidding (RTB). The demand for more RTB will also change the way media sales professionals do their jobs on a daily basis.

Online Video Growth Spurs Marketer Interest in RTB

Online video advertising is growing so quickly that publishers and advertisers are looking for better ways to manage the selling and buying of that digital media space. For many, real-time bidding (RTB) offers a good solution. With RTB being used in 24% of video ad buys, analysts believe that the process will evolve from a platform to a programmatic tool.

RTB to be Growth Vehicle for Mobile Display and Video Marketing

In 2012, analysts predicted that RTB will soon account for up to 25% of the display ad market. There’s another sector where RTB will make a mark and that’s in online video advertising. While advertisers are still coming up the learning curve on this technology, they like the returns that the format is yielding.

RTB to Become Larger Part of Display Ad Sales

Earlier this year, I highlighted a couple of reports which predicted that about 20% of publishers and marketers will use real-time bidding (RTB) to buy and sell online ad space by year end. This trend particularly impacts the display ad market. eMarketer analysts expect that about 25% of display ads will be sold through the RTB process by 2015.

Real Time Bidding to Capture More Ad Money

With a growing audience on the web and a wide inventory of ad space to choose from, both publishers and marketers are looking for ways to maximize value as automation comes to the digital media buying process. The vendors who offer real-time bidding (RTB) services are getting a second look from players in the online ad market. Media companies can use RTB to sell excess inventory and marketers can reach more targeted audiences.