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Running is Like Selling. A Race to the Finish.

I just ran my first race. An 8K (five miles for we anti-metric devotees) road race. I’ve been in sales for 25 years. I’ve been running for six months.

Over 25% of U.S. Adults Run Regularly

"The barriers to entry for recreational running and jogging are among the lowest of any sport. A good pair of sneakers and comfortable clothing are all you really need to get in the game. And millions of Americans hit the pavement every day. In fact, more than a quarter of all adult Americans (26.4%) have gone running or jogging in the past year, according to Nielsen Scarborough research."

Non-Athletes Driving Sales of Fashionable Running Shoes

Sales of athletic footwear and sophisticated running shoes are getting a boost from non-athletes who are more interested in making a fashion statement. Shoppers are increasingly scooping up running shoes because they are comfortable and trendy, and they aren't afraid to spend big money. Sales of shoes such as the new Nike Free surged 14% to $6.46 billion in the 12 months through March, according to NPD Group, driving the entire athletic shoe industry.