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Do You Really Have an Open Door Policy?

How open are you to suggestions from your team members for change? In a recent article for Harvard Business Review, James R. Detert and Ethan R. Burris point out that many managers are inadvertently closing themselves off from employee contribution.

Reduce Your Passive-Aggressive Emails with These Tips

Email has become a crucial part of our everyday communication, but the phrases you are using could be damaging your prospecting efforts. In fact, the exact phrases you include to be polite, respectfully, informative, etc. are actually painting you as passive aggressive!

Try These Psychological "Tricks" To Win Social Situations

Are you looking for little ways to get in good with a prospect, make yourself at ease before a presentation, or avoid angry confrontations?

Breaking YES Attitude down, in order to build yours up!

This is the tenth anniversary of the Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude. In this year’s edition — ironically the 10th printing of the book, I have added content, new ideas and new lessons. Here’s one of the additions to get you thinking…

Is a Digital Transformation Your Next Strategic Move?

If you’ve been one of the naysayers about the business world’s transition to digital, you might want to read the writing on the wall again. At this point, that writing is in BOLD FACE – 48 POINT TEXT. Go digital before it's too late.

5 Motivational Words to Close Your Deals!

What is it about motivation speakers that make them so, well…motivational? Yes they might have a certain charisma and energy, but there is one crucial aspect you are forgetting about. And it can quickly and easily make you a motivational master!

Sales Presentation Pointers To Calm Nerves

Do you still get butterflies before giving a presentation? While it’s completely normal for newbies and veterans alike, anxiety over public speaking can still rattle the nerves enough to make salespeople dread presentations.

What CEOs want to talk about. HINT: It ain’t your product.

Everyone tells you to meet with the decision maker. Everyone tells you to meet with the CEO. However, it seems no one offers any advice on what to SAY when you get to that meeting.

Using 'Uncommonality' to Uphold Accounts

When you're focused on managing your current accounts and retaining the relationships you've built, you focus on remembering what you have in common with each client. Do you not? I advocate this practice – especially if you're logging conversations and fun facts in a notebook to remind yourself.

Achieve More Success With These 5 Body Language Hacks

If you want to be more successful in life and in your job, your body may be the key! The way we physically present ourselves not only sends signals to others, but affects our own thoughts, feelings and performance as well.

Are Your Clients Lying to You?

Not everyone tells the truth – not your parents or your friends – and especially not your clients. Wouldn’t it be nice to know when your client is lying?

What You Can Do NOW To Drive Sales The Rest of the Year

Salespeople, how has your 2016 started off? As the end of the first quarter nears, you may want to examine how the year has fared so far, and decide what adjustments you should make.

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